Foxcroft & Ginger – Mile End Road

This is a bit of a mini post as it was a mini visit, a fuller post will follow after a fuller visit.

This is pretty much the closest coffee purveyor to where I work and opened not that long ago and I have finally been in, but not stayed in as took coffee back to work.

I had a decaf skinny latte, and it was £3, not the largest and they charge 50p extra for decaf, some places charge more for decaf but 50p seems to be a tad steep, that’s 20% extra. The coffee is amazing, no sugar needed, perfectly smooth and tasty, and almost makes up for the price.

The place itself looks rather cool, nicely spacious, one thing that seemed a bit odd was the height of the preparation area, it was kind of like being served from above, a little disconcerting really! The range of food looked interesting, some of a it a little too hip for my tastes but some jolly exciting looking sweet items – one reaon to go in for a proper visit at some point.


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