St. James’s Café – St. James Park

It has been a little while since this visit, just not got around to adding to the blog, sorry!

It was close to Kerry’s birthday so as a surprise her mum turned up as we were walking through the park (she lives up north not just around the corner) we wanted a drink. Kerry had a coffee, her mum a pot of tea, they shared a caramel shortbread. I had a decaf cappuccino and a raspberry and white chocolate muffin.

First problem was that we were told the roof terrace was open, it was not but we got lucky and there was one table free outside.

It’s really just a Benugo in a different box, coffee Kerry has all the time as they have one in her office so she had no opinion on the taste one way or the other, same with her mum’s tea – tea is tea at the end of the day. My cappuccino was okay, not good, not bad.

The caramel shortbread went down fairly quickly. My muffin was rather dry, it wasn’t too late in the day so would have expected the food to be fresh. I had wanted a slice of lemon cake but could see it was dry already. It should be noted this was before the hot weather so that’s not an excuse of course.

It was a bit annoying at the speed the table was cleaned, as soon as something was finished with a guy would pop up and take it away, so in the end there was just my coffee left on the table with 3 people sat around it talking. I can understand them wanting tables cleared when they are empty to encourage people to stop and to discourage pigeons but not whilst being used.

Then it got worse, I went to the toilet. They were disgusting, filthy and stank. There are signs are up about them being used by patrons only so it must just be they aren’t cleaned very often or well. I have been to many very shoddy football grounds over the years and  these toilets rank with the worst of them, some of which were just holes in the ground.

If i was forced to go again I’d just get a coffee and maybe an item of food that was pre-packed, and then walk through the park with it rather than having to risk the ‘fresh’ food and toilets.


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