Bread Ahead Bakery – Beak St. (Soho) UPDATED

We were out and about doing a little shopping on one of the hottest days of the year and obviously needed coffee – hot weather doesn’t stop that of course. Kerry was trying clothes on and I was sat waiting and there was a local area magazine, and in it was a map of new stuff in the area, and one of the new things was this place so felt right to go and check it out.

From the outside it looks pretty and when you go through the door you are met by a mountain of treats. We must has stood for a good five minutes admiring the fare on offer, a good mix of savoury and sweet. The savoury was interesting but the sweet won out, of course it did.

Kerry was leaning towards a cinnamon bun – in the picture they are central and look like a coil of pastry. But then our gaze drifted along and found the donuts…

Kerry went for the salted caramel version and a cortado, I asked what they all were and opted for raspberry and a decaf cappuccino. Can’t quite recall the total but it wasn’t far off £14, not cheap, but in Soho so probably shouldn’t grumble.

My coffee was okay, a little bit bland and anemic which I guess could be my fault having decaf, but often I have decaf and it is excellent so maybe I can lay the lack of taste at their door. Kerry wasn’t too keen on her’s either, said it was nearly like Rapha – her least favourite coffee.

Kerry got at her donut first, and it went everywhere, far too much filling, it started to plop out after the first bite. She didn’t rate it all, too much ‘goo’ and didn’t enjoy the outside of it either. She thought it was her, but she wasn’t alone.

My donut was odd as, I was expecting raspberry jam, but it didn’t taste like any raspberries I’ve ever eaten. It started to leak too so we got a chance to look at it and it was a very dark red – so dark it looked purple, no seeds either. We think if may have been blackcurrant but could have been anything really. The outer part tasted nice but filling wasn’t what I expected so didn’t really enjoy it.

Place itself was clean and bright, quite a bit of space too, maybe less so if busy. Staff were friendly enough if a little over eager to clear the table before we left, I wasn’t planning on stealing the plates and it was very quiet so not like people were waiting.

It’s the sort of place we might visit again but not in a great hurry, and would know to try other food and fully caffeinated coffee for me and a milkier coffee for Kerry.


I have given them another try, window display was very cool – so wanted to lick it. I was on my own so cappuccino and a nut brownie. They were expecting Kerry as they have a thrown now, and she is a Princess of course.

Serving girl asked me 3 times which brownie I wanted, I didn’t stutter so just repeated myself. Glad it wasnt busy or who knows what I may have been fed.

Coffee was better than last time and brownie was nice, I am mindful of brownie overload so went for the nut option, no other choices really, there were the donuts but after last time there was no way I was trying that route again.

Plate was removed from table well before I was thinking of leaving again, must be a training thing, most annoying though. Should I ever go again I will leave a small piece of food on the plate to fend off the wolves.

So better than last time, might get a third go as where it is placed is quite handy when shopping.


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