Coffee House – Abbey Wood Station

The station at Abbey Wood is being refurbished ready for Crossrail to launch at the end of the year, as part of that it now has a posh entrance and in the foyer is a Coffee House, it is part of WHSmith and felt rather ‘Costa’ to me but tried not to hold that against it.

I had a cappuccino and a pain au chocolat, food range wasn’t huge but pastry was only £1 when bought with coffee, which was a nice small bonus. Pain au chocolat was okay, soft and fresh but pretty much the same as you can buy in multi-packs at most supermarkets.

Coffee nice enough, I was getting a train and it lasted me a fair while, which is what I was hoping for, can have the more fancy, and smaller serving, when time to chill out.

There was some seating in the cafe so if waiting longer for a train it would be a bit warmer than being on the station. Could be a busy little place once Crossrail gets going and amount of trains using the station increases, I may well avail myself of it when I am there again, got a loyalty card now so need to earn the freebie.


Poster Bar – Royal Academy or Arts – Burlington Arcade

I was out doing some birthday shopping for Kerry so coffee destination was my choice, Mayfair doesn’t have a huge selection to choose from but I knew this was available and near where I was so an easy choice.

I had a cappuccino and a milk biscuit, there was a small sweet treat selection and the biscuit intrigued me – it was a good 6 inches long and bigger is better. Slight confusion with the coffee when barista asked if I wanted milk, that confused me and the girl serving, made everyone smile at least.

Coffee was nice, had to soften the bitterness with a touch of sugar but not a bad thing – I was on a mission so good to be able to get drunk a bit quicker. The biscuit was really nice, very hard to describe the taste but a tasty treat.

The seating area isn’t the biggest but there is a large area outside so after sorting drink out and eating biscuit I went and sat on the steps and enjoyed the warmth.

Would definitely go back, don’t need to pay to go into the RA to get coffee, and Kerry would jump at it as close to Bond Street, her spiritual home!

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