Bageriet – Rose Street

This is tucked up an alley next to Stanfords book shop in Soho and I stumbled across it whilst heading to a different coffee purveyor – the cakes in the window attracted me like a moth to a flame. It is a Swedish bakery so not the standard brownies, muffins or cookies on offer.

It is small but they pack in a lot of variety, must have been a good 20 different products, there was a couple next to me who seemed to be trying to work through them all too! I opted for a chocolate hazelnut brioche and a cappuccino and took my seat at one of the 2 tables – it is only just big enough to fit 2 tables in so quite cosy.

My coffee took a little while to arrive but I wasn’t overly bothered as I was admiring the cakes. When it did arrive the coffee as very nice, good sized mug and coffee on the right side of bitter. But to be honest I was more interested in the cake, and it did not disappoint!

It was tricky to get out of the case, I cut in half and then levered at it and managed to get most of it, very soft and very little chocolate, which I was sad at, but it was so light any more and it would have been too sweet. After I had finished it I had to try to pickle as much as I could from the case.

The staff were very friendly and as everything is baked on sight fresh goodies kept been put out which were very tempting. They had a saffron bun which piqued my interest but I had Christmas shopping to do, just hope they have them when I return as they vary the produce so may be totally different offerings in a few weeks – all the more reason to visit again, and again, and again…


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