Rapha – Spitalfields

I have a complicated relationship with Rapha – I find them rather pretentious with their expensive kits aimed at the ex-golfers but then they have nice cakes!

It’s not too far from work and I was on a half day so seemed sensible to take the opportunity to give it a whirl, on my own this time. I had a latte and a brownie, in a previous post I said no more brownies but I am not posting quite in the order I visited each place so there will be more to come too.


The brownie was nut as well as chocolate so had more of a bite but was nicely chewy, no real crispness to the top though. The coffee was okay, it isn’t my favourite but does the job and comes in nice mugs.

Kerry isn’t a fan of the bitter Rapha coffee so doubt I will get her to visit and although it isn’t my favourite part of me just wants to belong so sure I will visit again at some point. They do offers, like a drink and cake for £4, which seems very un-Rapha but is the sort of thing that would attract me in the future.

The place felt much more relaxed than the Soho clubhouse, very similar decor but being less central made it feel more chilled out. Didn’t feel like I was in anyone’s way or in a rush to drink up and get out. It has a nice outside area that’s within the Spitalfields market so still dry but better for people watching.


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