Curators Coffee Gallery – Margaret Street


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This is just a few minutes away from Oxford Street and Regent Street but is in a nice quiet street away from the hustle and bustle. I’d past it before but had usually just had a drink elsewhere so hadn’t popped in.

I had a latte and a brownie. On the coffee front there are a variety of roasts on offer – I just had the house espresso but as you can see from the picture this can change. I am going to learn more about the different origins at some point so I can be more of a coffee snob, but until that happens I am happy to stick to what the barista provides.

The coffee was stunning, so smooth and had to really make an effort to savour it. That was helped by the brownie also being excellent, soft with a slight crispness to the top. I am going to have to stop having brownies as everyone one just seems better and the last and I know that that cannot last, one day I will be hit with a dud and that will spoil what came before!

The staff were very friendly without being over bearing. It always makes me smile when I see ‘regulars’ in places like that – I really must start to visit the excellent coffee hut near work and see if I can get a ‘the usual’ from the staff there! The place is effortlessly cool, I didn’t venture to the downstairs area but where I was it was bright and airy.

I will be going back and taking Kerry when I do, a second opinion can never hurt and gives me an excuse (should one be needed) to visit once again.


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