Colicci – Westfield (Stratford)


This was a solo trip so hunted out a new location to partake in a beverage and edible, and this is fairy new, and not in the shopping centre so can breath and actually relax a little bit.

I had a cappuccino and a chocolate brownie, cost about a fiver (so easy to not recall when everything is contactless now!) and chose to sit outside. The coffee was very nice, the A board outside says what it is, single origin and all that jazz – I really don’t want to become a coffee w*nker but I could do so easily!

The brownie was amazing, very moist and freshly baked (there was a sign so I Believe them). Could have had a slightly crisper top but on the whole it was the best I’ve had for a long time, could have had seconds or thirds quite easily.


Staff were friendly and the place was Untitled.pngvery clean, the seating inside is a bit snug, more functional than comfy – maybe even oppressive – so sitting outside was better when alone.

As I am required to visit Stratford quite often – Kerry likes to shop – I will go again and add some marks to the loyalty card đŸ™‚