Look Mum No Hands – Back Church Lane

I love the original LMNH and as this new location is quite close to work it seemed a no-brainer to give it a visit when time allowed, which it did quite recently. I had passed it on a ride in to work so I knew roughly where it was, and how camouflaged it was with the rest of the street.

The location does seem weird, it isn’t too far from the Square Mile, but not that close either, cannot see there is much passing traffic and there isn’t anywhere close to draw people (that I could see). That doesn’t really matter though as I wont be going again.

I had a cappuccino and slated caramel brownie, the coffee was very nice (and free as I had a full loyalty card) and the brownie was stunning, salted caramel could be getting passé but I love it so glad it’s hanging on. The place was very clean and nicely presented, staff were friendly and service was prompt.

But there was no soul, the original LMNH feels very egalitarian, there are all types there and everyone is welcome, at this LMNH I can’t see it ever being full of cyclists or anyone else. Apart from the name there is nothing related to cycling about it, nothing in the decor, no bike parking (except the standard outside stuff). I like that in the OG cafe it’s a bit of a muddle, and that the toilets are full of random stickers and messages – the toilets here looked so clean I was scared to use them.

If it were called something else, like Back Church Lane Coffee then it would be fine, a nice place to go if in that area, but I expect more from LMNH – fun.


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