London Buck – Philpot St. (E1)

My morning commute concludes with a walk which often encourages a slight detour for a coffee from McDonalds – I wont apologise for liking their coffee and it’s cheap. But the other week I saw that a new coffee establishment had popped up just around the corner from the golden arches.

It’s small and tidy, guy in charge is verging on being too cool – it’s not quite the right area to be a hipster or he may have to tend to his facial growth accordingly. I had a decaf cappuccino and nothing else – there is food but it was very early, even I draw the line at eating cake before nine on a school day. Drinks are priced but cost less than I thought – that’s the good thing about independent places, they can charge you less if they like you!

The coffee was really nice, very smooth indeed, time was taken to prepare it and I could taste the attention that had been taken. I will be going back many times – on the way to work and will also be going back on a non-work day to sit in and savour the drink and try out some of the freshly made cakes.

No link for this one, new and no digital footprint as of yet – something else in the plus column!