Kitchen & Pantry – Elgin Crescent

I love this picture – looks like a goldilocks version of coffee.


Portabello Road is a weird place, it is tourist central pretty much all the time – so we went on a Saturday in January, and it was still nuts! We went with a purpose thought so sorted that out and then went on a coffee hunt.

I’d been to Kitchen & Pantry alone previously, but is was a couple of years back and probably pre-blog. We wanted a light lunch so Kerry had tuna wraps and an Americano, I had a croque monsieur and a latte. Came to something like £12, I wanted cake too as they all looked excellent, even though it being lunch they already had big spaces where the tourists/locusts had swarmed through, but decided to be good, for once.

Kerry’s coffee came in two mugs, one for the coffee and one for the milk, which was cute and also tempting to purloin the espresso cup as I only have one, but I didn’t of course. Her coffee was nice as was the wrap, the downside with the wrap was that after we sat down she saw cooked breakfasts being delivered to other people and wanted to have one of those instead – next time.

My coffee was nice too, should have opted for a larger size as it was a sit and relax visit and it went down too easily. The croque monsieur was very nice, it was pre-packed unlike the majority of the food so all they had to do was make it hot really!

The place is cool, all wood and even thought it’s quite big with the amount of seating forced in it has a cosy feel, not a problem as everyone seemed happy to share tables as required, we found a small empty one though, total luck though. We will be going again as Kerry wants to try the breakfast and I’d give that a got too.

It’s not too far from the book shop featured in Notting Hill and the blue door from the same film if you want to be a tourist, and there’s often a busker with no skill abusing people around the corner too.

In a change this year I am going to put a link to where we’ve been, should one be available –