Fortnum and Mason – St. Pancras International

This was a trip from a little while ago but kept forgetting to write about it.

Were at St. Pancras as Kerry had been forced to go to the frozen north (there be dragons) for a party and I met her off the train. There are many options for coffee at the station but they’re mainly chains or not that special so I decided on F&M as a treat.

Kerry had a flat white and I had a latte – I thought I’d had a tea but looking at the picture that is clearly incorrect and does show that I should write these posts closer to the actual time of the visit. We also shared scones, 1 plain and 1 fruit with jam and cream, £17.04 in total, which obviously isn’t cheap but not like we’d be going every day and treats are good now and again.

The coffee was lovely and smooth and went too quickly. Kerry enjoyed her’s too, she hadn’t been feeling that well but is never too unwell for coffee. She had the plain scone with cream and jam, the scones were still warm and were amazing. I had the fruit scone but with just jam as I don’t like cream. The amount of jam provided was too so took the jar home with me – lasted 2 breakfasts on croissants.

We will definitely do again when passing through the station, it’s much more relaxing than the alternatives, also much cleaner and the staff were friendly and attentive. Did feel a little under-dressed though!