The Bake Cycle – Anywhere (sort of!)


We had the pleasure of attending the Cake and Bake Show again this year and along with the normal things on show was something combining two of my favourites – bikes and cakes!

The idea is fairly simple – cakes delivered by bike. The business was launched at the show so is very much in it’s infancy but talking to the maim man – not wearing a lycra apron sadly – the enthusiasm really comes across.

The baker and deliver man are one and the same, until they get too busy I would guess. I tried the chocolate brownie, twice, and it was amazing – perfect mix of slight crisp top and soft underneath, far superior to ‘the world’s greatest brownie’ I’d had not long ago at Paul Rhodes.wp_20161008_14_24_17_pro

Kerry tried the toffee apple, again twice, and was just as impressed – apple is one of her favourite flavours and isn’t over represented in the cake world really. You can also get banana chocolate chip, vanilla, lemon drizzle and many more – I’ve put the website address at the bottom so check out the lovely choices on there!

They don’t deliver individual slices of course, smallest is classed as Big and is 11.5×8″ and serves 15, then Bigger (serves 20) and Biggest (serves 40). How many they really serve depends on the size of slice you want too of course. With delivery the Big would be £25 making each slice just £1.25 so if working in an office or having an event it’s well worth it to try something a bit different – as long as in certain areas of London as he can’t deliver too far of course.

The one tiny improvement I’d like is the chance to have a 50/50 split – so I can get 10 slice of one type and 10 of another.

For transparency I’d like to add that we got press entry to the show but were under no pressure to be positive about anything!






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