The Espresso Room – Southampton Row


This was an in-and-out trip on the way home from a bike event, was going to be to a Costa but then realised I could go somewhere new and not chain-y. I had a latte and millionaires rosemary shortbread. No decaf but barista suggested a single shot instead and so I went with it.

The coffee was amazing, next time it will be a standard double shot latte to see how that compares, cannot see it being a bad thing at all, still smooth just stronger. The shortbread I didn’t manage to eat until the next day but it was rather nice, never had anything flavoured with rosemary, and apart from something that felt like a tiny twig on my tongue it. Not sure I’d have it again as they had other things available I could quite easily make the effort to try.

Hopefully will take Kerry next time and can settle down and see what the atmosphere is like too.


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