The Black Lab – Clapham Common Southside

We went to Clapham as many of the adverts at the tube station had been replaced with pictures of cats – sad to some but did mean we had new coffee places to explore. We were going to go to Brickwood Coffee & Bread but there was a queue for seats and then we realised one of the others on my list was pretty much next door.

We had a bacon sandwich and brownie, shared then both although I did better out of the bacon as Kerry is picky when it comes to the porcine product – I am not. The brownie was amazing, the perfect level of crispy shell to soft underbelly, could have eaten several slices without sharing.

Kerry had an Americano, I had a cappuccino – we were offered a choice of beans and had to show our ignorance and just go with the baristas recommendation, probably the best way to go as we’d only be guessing/showing off.

I wish I’d gone for a large coffee rather than a regular, not that is was too small but because it tasted so good and I would have loved to have savour it for longer, yes I could have got a second but that thought only just popped into my head – next time though. Kerry’s coffee was verging on the ‘Rapha’ but as the beans choice is there we can experiment in the future.

For some reason I thought it meant lab as in laboratory rather than labrador, not an easy mistake to make I guess. There were dog visitors which Kerry was very happy about, the people watching took a back seat to cooing over various dogs. It’s a really nice place, simple and clean with friendly staff, we will be going again.


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