Tate Modern Switch House

Just a quick mention for a recent trip to Take Modern.

Switch House is the new extension on the side of the Tate Modern and when visiting we had to stop for cake of course. Kerry had an Americano and chocolate chip muffin, I had a latte and raspberry and white chocolate muffin.

Kerry said her muffin was amazing and enjoyed her coffee too. I really enjoyed my coffee and muffin too, they dis seem to have been baked on site or at least on that day, much better than when you know they’ve come from a packet.

We do pass the gallery a few times a year and will be getting coffee there again, the location is a big bonus as although we had the coffee inside there is a small coffee bar on the top floor where you can go and get amazing views over the city.


Kahaila – Brick Lane

This was  three-way coffee and cake convention as had the niece too  🙂 who chose the location and it was a rather excellent choice too.

Alice and I both had latte’s whilst Kerry had an Americano, can’t remember if mine was decaf, don’t think so but it was a few weeks ago so I may have mis-remembered! Kerry had a salted caramel brownie, I had salted caramel cake and Alice had chocolate, banana and peanut butter cake.

I was a bit disappointed with my cake, seemed too heavy and stodgy, and not strongly flavoured enough really. Alice liked her cake but said it could have had more peanut butter, although she did say she could live off the stuff! Kerry’s brownie was amazing, she couldn’t manage it all so I help her out and it must be the best brownie I’ve had in years,

We all really liked the coffee, could have quite easily had 2 or 3 really, helped by the place being cool, nice size and not stuffed with chairs so didn’t feel crowded – and this was on a Saturday afternoon so expect most of Brick Lane to be full.

I want to go again as the range of food was pretty good, and in an interesting area too.

Impressed with myself that I managed over  words without mentioning that it’s in a hipster area and making fun of their choice of clothes, head gear and facial hair – and that’s just the wenches.

The Black Lab – Clapham Common Southside

We went to Clapham as many of the adverts at the tube station had been replaced with pictures of cats – sad to some but did mean we had new coffee places to explore. We were going to go to Brickwood Coffee & Bread but there was a queue for seats and then we realised one of the others on my list was pretty much next door.

We had a bacon sandwich and brownie, shared then both although I did better out of the bacon as Kerry is picky when it comes to the porcine product – I am not. The brownie was amazing, the perfect level of crispy shell to soft underbelly, could have eaten several slices without sharing.

Kerry had an Americano, I had a cappuccino – we were offered a choice of beans and had to show our ignorance and just go with the baristas recommendation, probably the best way to go as we’d only be guessing/showing off.

I wish I’d gone for a large coffee rather than a regular, not that is was too small but because it tasted so good and I would have loved to have savour it for longer, yes I could have got a second but that thought only just popped into my head – next time though. Kerry’s coffee was verging on the ‘Rapha’ but as the beans choice is there we can experiment in the future.

For some reason I thought it meant lab as in laboratory rather than labrador, not an easy mistake to make I guess. There were dog visitors which Kerry was very happy about, the people watching took a back seat to cooing over various dogs. It’s a really nice place, simple and clean with friendly staff, we will be going again.

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