Damson & Co – Brewer Street


WP_20160902_001I was looking for a new coffee spot to try but was having little look, wandering about aimlessly really – should have planned a little better of course – and so had given up and was heading towards Rapha when I stumbled across Damson and Co so went straight in without hesitation.

It had the look of a small bar when I first entered, and I tried to cover my confusion by looking at the menu on the wall when the barista aid good morning and I saw the coffee machine. I had a cappuccino (£3) but nothing to eat, there were some quite nice looking pastries but I was more thirsty than hungry.

Coffee took a while to be made, not a bad thing when you are the only person in the queue as shows it is being prepared properly. I had it to take away but it seemed a nice little place, and staff were pleasant.

The coffee itself was very nice, it was strong so I added sugar to make it more palatable – at another time I may not have done but I wanted to drink it rather than sit and sip and savour it. Not sure Kerry would like the coffee as it may be a touch too “Rapha” for her, but I’d go again if unable to find somewhere new and in that area again!


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