Cafe 1001 – Brick Lane


Brick Lane is an odd area, not sure if I like it but it is colourful and lively. I’d been past this place a few times, it’s not actually on the main road but tucked into the Truman Brewery area, opposite Rough Trade – which also has a coffee area I need to try. I was on  my own as Kerry still away.

I had a cappuccino and rocky road slice – £4.80 although he forgot to charge me and only did as I was hanging about when he started to serve the next customer. I was a good boy and made sure I paid though.

The coffee was very smooth, good ratio of foam to coffee, Not too creamy and in no way bitter. The rocky road was amazing, best I’ve had anywhere, I am not a fan or marshmallows on their own but in these they are just perfect. Motivated to try to replicate at home, doubt I can improve but will be fun to try.

The place has a used.loved air, loads of space as it is also a club, with seating inside and out, looks like it would be a good place to while away time reading or working. Friendly staff and a good range of food and drink, and as you can see from the picture fresh breads too.

Definitely want to go again, maybe look at the savoury selection and spend some time chilling out and watching the world pass by – and laugh at the hipsters of course.


Damson & Co – Brewer Street


WP_20160902_001I was looking for a new coffee spot to try but was having little look, wandering about aimlessly really – should have planned a little better of course – and so had given up and was heading towards Rapha when I stumbled across Damson and Co so went straight in without hesitation.

It had the look of a small bar when I first entered, and I tried to cover my confusion by looking at the menu on the wall when the barista aid good morning and I saw the coffee machine. I had a cappuccino (£3) but nothing to eat, there were some quite nice looking pastries but I was more thirsty than hungry.

Coffee took a while to be made, not a bad thing when you are the only person in the queue as shows it is being prepared properly. I had it to take away but it seemed a nice little place, and staff were pleasant.

The coffee itself was very nice, it was strong so I added sugar to make it more palatable – at another time I may not have done but I wanted to drink it rather than sit and sip and savour it. Not sure Kerry would like the coffee as it may be a touch too “Rapha” for her, but I’d go again if unable to find somewhere new and in that area again!