Kipferl – Camden Passage

This was a three way coffee trip to Angel with added niece-ness! Angel is a fairly ugly place near the station but gets nicer as you drift away from it, just don’t drift towards the market – we were there on a Saturday may be better other days.


We sat outside as it was a warm day and were served fairly promptly. Kerry had a melange (which is a mini latte, so could be classed as a cortado although not served in a glass) and topfan torte (cheesecake). Alice had a latte and haustorte (pretty much the ‘cake of the day’ which was chocolate of some kind). I had a cappuccino and guglhupf (marble cake really) with ice cream. Total was £21.50 which felt fair enough.

We all liked our coffee’s, Alice said it was the best latte she’d ever had, which is a clear confidence! We all enjoyed our cakes too, mine was a touch dry so it was lucky I had the ice cream with it.

The staff were friendly and the simple thing of not needing to write down orders impressed us more than it probably should have done. I think we will go again at some stage, there are other places in the area we’d like to investigate too though, but so hard not to stick to favourites.


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