Jamie’s Coffee Lounge – Gatwick Airport


I’ve not added this so I can boast about going away on some amazing holiday as I wasn’t going anywhere, I merely escorted Kerry to her flight for a holiday with her family. I had a decaf cappuccino and pain au raisin whilst Kerry had a croissant and Americano.

My pastry was nice, Kerry’s was dry. The coffee was nice, both enjoyed them.

Place itself is quite nice really but tinged with sadness at Kerry going away. When I go to meet her I might go again, that way the happiness of her returning will cancel the sadness of her going and make things all okay again.


Kipferl – Camden Passage

This was a three way coffee trip to Angel with added niece-ness! Angel is a fairly ugly place near the station but gets nicer as you drift away from it, just don’t drift towards the market – we were there on a Saturday may be better other days.


We sat outside as it was a warm day and were served fairly promptly. Kerry had a melange (which is a mini latte, so could be classed as a cortado although not served in a glass) and topfan torte (cheesecake). Alice had a latte and haustorte (pretty much the ‘cake of the day’ which was chocolate of some kind). I had a cappuccino and guglhupf (marble cake really) with ice cream. Total was £21.50 which felt fair enough.

We all liked our coffee’s, Alice said it was the best latte she’d ever had, which is a clear confidence! We all enjoyed our cakes too, mine was a touch dry so it was lucky I had the ice cream with it.

The staff were friendly and the simple thing of not needing to write down orders impressed us more than it probably should have done. I think we will go again at some stage, there are other places in the area we’d like to investigate too though, but so hard not to stick to favourites.

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