Peyton and Byrne – Greenwich

We were in Greenwich as wanted to order a piece of art and so following that with a coffee was a given.

First place we stumbled across was Peyton and Byrne, and even though we’ve been passed a few of these (there is / was one at St Pancras station) we’d never actually stopped for a coffee.

My eyes were drawn instantly to the pink battenburg – I love normal battenburg so I was sold on going in right away. The picture of the cakes doesn’t do justice to the selection, there was probably double that amount available of not more. I ordered the battenburg and a decaf latte, Kerry had blackcurrant cheesecake and a cortado. Total price a reasonable £12.60.

Kerry thinks her cortado was nice, it’s a few days since we went and she hasn’t been very well and is a bit muddled! In future I will draft the post as soon as we have been to avoid any confusion. She did enjoy the cheesecake, even though not massive she couldn’t quite manage the whole thing.

My latte was very nice, smooth and a nice flower on the top. Slowly getting used to not being upset when drinks do not come in buckets. Now the bad thing – the battenburg didn’t live up to the expectations, the sponge was too dry, if it was a day old I would not be surprised, and that made me a little sad.

We will go back again, got many other cakes to try out and it’s a nice place, friendly staff and clean enough. May suggest a trip when we go to pick up the picture in the next week or so….

Have had a second visit and coffee still as good but cake was muchly improved, I had a lemon meringue muffin, to quote the young of today “OMG!” I expected the meringue  to be crisp but it was soft and fluffy, the cake was soft and the lemon inside was ace – could have even been more lemony for my taste but absolutely amazing. Sad to only have had one.

Also sad that they shut at 6, seems early for such a tourist fuelled place as Greenwich.


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