Caffe Concerto – Regent Street


It was Kerry’s birthday recently and WP_20160527_001rather than buy a cake I offered to take her out for cake to a Patisserie Valerie, then we saw Caffe Concerto and it looked very similar.

Kerry had an Americano and a slice of strawberry gateaux, I had a pot of decaf tea and a slice of chocolate gateaux. When the drinks arrived the tea clearly won on the posh from as the tea bag (it was called something much more refined than a bag of course) arrived on it’s own small dish, and in a box.

Kerry’s coffee was nice and the cake was nice too, a bit too large for her but she managed most of it. it was no better than that she’d had from PV so I guess that means is is technically worse as the price was definitely not the same.

The tea was fine, only managed about one and a half cups from the pot which was fine really, sometimes you can get a lot more though. The chocolate gateaux was lovely, very soft cake, lots of cream, was too much of it really but I didn’t leave any of it of course.

WP_20160527_002The place itself was a little dated, looked a bit tired and warm out in places. For the price – well over £20 –  I would have expected it to be pretty much immaculate. I would be stunned if the cakes were made on the premises as they look too well presented and also look exactly the same in each of their establishments. They could be the same as from PV I guess, which I could research but do not inclined to make the effort.

WP_20160527_003The staff were friendly enough, was served quickly enough but did take a while to get someone’s attention when we wanted to pay the bill.

Not sure we’d go again, it was nice enough just too expensive, a much better idea to just get the cake to take away and save enough money to get coffee / tea from elsewhere.


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