Grounded – Whitechapel Road


This was a solo ‘splash and dash’ to pick up a coffee and continue on my way. I had a cappuccino which was £2.50, there was food but as not settling down I managed to stop myself. The food all looked nice though, and handmade which is a good thing.

The  coffee was okay, nothing special though, WP_20160521_006was a little weak but also with a bitterness so added a sugar then it was too sweet so maybe half a sugar would have been better.

It’s only about a 15 minute walk from work and just past a Starbucks I go to when motivated so I will give it another try at some stage in the next couple of months, hopefully this was just an off day.

Size of drink is no longer a concern for me, bigger is not better and smaller means more chance of getting a second cup from the same place or somewhere new.


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