Paul Rhodes – King William Walk

WP_20160416_002WP_20160416_004This is our second Paul Rhodes, not a planned visit just happened to be in Greenwich and coffee seemed a good idea.

I have a cappuccino and slice of princess cake, Kerry had an Americano and whatever sweet treat she had last time (see the previous Paul Rhodes post for a picture and name – I could do that but, well, laziness!).

My coffee was nice, but it may as well been muddy water in comparison to the cake. It was amazing, so soft and yummy, I am not generally a fan of cream but there wasn’t a huge amount so I wasn’t overly bothered.


Kerry doesn’t like marzipan so had to fillet her cheesecake a little as there was a layer of marzipan on top, but them it disappeared very quickly. Her coffee was nice too, very hot as it lasted through about half the way home!

It’s quite a small place so need to be lucky to get a seat I think, we did after loitering for a few minutes. It is clean and staff are friendly and chatty. It is far better positioned for us and with the large cake range it will be visited again.


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