Workshop Coffee – Spin (London)

This was a pop-up at a cycling event and so had no real competition for my trade, but it didn’t need it. The choice wasn’t huge but that was okay, the lack of cake was a bit more of a let down though!

The coffee was edging onto the bitter side but was very nice, my palate seems to be changing from the massive milky concoctions to those based more on good coffee with less milk.

Workshop Coffee seem to be a step above many purveyors in that they also sell the beans, and you can subscribe, and hardware for at home coffee production, and they also offer classes in how to do it expertly.

As well as popping up they have a few places around London, if I stumble across one I will definitely be going again. The staff were really nice, chatty and quick – although I was there before the queues developed luckily.


Grounded – Whitechapel Road


This was a solo ‘splash and dash’ to pick up a coffee and continue on my way. I had a cappuccino which was £2.50, there was food but as not settling down I managed to stop myself. The food all looked nice though, and handmade which is a good thing.

The  coffee was okay, nothing special though, WP_20160521_006was a little weak but also with a bitterness so added a sugar then it was too sweet so maybe half a sugar would have been better.

It’s only about a 15 minute walk from work and just past a Starbucks I go to when motivated so I will give it another try at some stage in the next couple of months, hopefully this was just an off day.

Size of drink is no longer a concern for me, bigger is not better and smaller means more chance of getting a second cup from the same place or somewhere new.

Paul Rhodes – King William Walk

WP_20160416_002WP_20160416_004This is our second Paul Rhodes, not a planned visit just happened to be in Greenwich and coffee seemed a good idea.

I have a cappuccino and slice of princess cake, Kerry had an Americano and whatever sweet treat she had last time (see the previous Paul Rhodes post for a picture and name – I could do that but, well, laziness!).

My coffee was nice, but it may as well been muddy water in comparison to the cake. It was amazing, so soft and yummy, I am not generally a fan of cream but there wasn’t a huge amount so I wasn’t overly bothered.


Kerry doesn’t like marzipan so had to fillet her cheesecake a little as there was a layer of marzipan on top, but them it disappeared very quickly. Her coffee was nice too, very hot as it lasted through about half the way home!

It’s quite a small place so need to be lucky to get a seat I think, we did after loitering for a few minutes. It is clean and staff are friendly and chatty. It is far better positioned for us and with the large cake range it will be visited again.