Sweet – Mile End Road

On the way to work the other day I was re-routed and ended up at Stepney Green tube station, and pretty much next door a new coffee shop has opened so it seemed rude not to give it a try.

I got a cappuccino and triple chocolate brownie to go as I didn’t want to be late for work of course, but looking around the place seemed nice and clean, and as well as the usual cakes and pastries it does gelato too – so i may have to pop back there in the warmer weather to give that a try.

There are no prices on anything which is a bit naughty really, the coffee was £1.95 which is a good price in my humble opinion but the brownie was £3.95, and not worth it, tasted no better than those you get from supermarkets in packs for a little more than £1.00.

I will be having coffee from there again, unlikely to have any type of cake though, unless they have cheaper options or I’m visiting with Kerry of course.


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