Rapha re-visited – Brewer Street


I have been in the re-vamped Rapha but didn’t bother to update the blog as wasn’t much of a change really, but this time it felt like there had been a definite shift so need to tell you all about it. Another solo visit I am afraid as Kerry was otherwise engaged.

I was there quite early so not busy at all, which some people mind but I don’t at all. I was hoping to just have a coffee but my focus was drawn to the pastries on offer. I opted for a cappuccino (they don’t do decaf) and a brioche bun, £5.20 in total so still a tiddly bit expensive.WP_20160409_003

The coffee was really nice, much better than that previously encountered here, very smooth, not at all bitter. So much of an improvement that I will try to persuade Kerry to give it another visit when in the area.

Before I ordered I had to ask what the massive round thing covered in chocolate was, and then I had to buy on, it is a brioche InstagramCapture_0a3b8ae4-8e5f-4589-acde-b1215556272cbun with Nutella inside and chocolate outside, dipped in nuts…

You can see from the picture just how big it is. I had a knife but it was so soft it was no use so I just ate with my hands and got sticky. But I didn’t care as it was amazing! I love Nutella anyway, wrapping it in soft brioche just made it all the better.

I’d like to have another, and after leaving I thought my Sunday ride could be to Rapha for one – it would be good ride fuel I am sure.

Staff were friendly which is a major improvement on previous visits, smiling and chatty, not just wearing black and being aloof. I like the new layout, nice and open, obviously clean. Stools could be a little more comfortable, not made for loitering on for sure! That short visit has changed my impression on the whole brand really, I even looked at the clothing, carefully given the previously sticky fingers.


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