The Design Musuem


This was a solo mission as there was an exhibition of bikes at the museum I wanted to see that Kerry wasn’t too interested in. Before viewing that I thought it best to have a second breakfast. You can get to the restaurant without having to pay for attendance of the museum and I hope that continues after the museum moves later this year.

I had a decaf cappuccino and a raisin swirl , £4.75 in total. The pastry was amazing – so fresh and soft, and stickier than it looks in the picture. The coffee was very nearly too bitter, but not quite, it was hot though so enjoyed the view out to the Thames (and interesting as there was some filming being done on the path) whilst it cooled down.

The walk down Shad Thames to it is very nice too, an old cobbled street. Not sure what the new location is like, will have to wait and see. Hopefully the barrista will be going with them as he made a very good cup of coffee and was friendly – but not annoying.

If near Tower Bridge it is worth checking out. I hope to go back before the move, nice variety of food to try out, all made freshly on the premises.


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