Sweet – Mile End Road

On the way to work the other day I was re-routed and ended up at Stepney Green tube station, and pretty much next door a new coffee shop has opened so it seemed rude not to give it a try.

I got a cappuccino and triple chocolate brownie to go as I didn’t want to be late for work of course, but looking around the place seemed nice and clean, and as well as the usual cakes and pastries it does gelato too – so i may have to pop back there in the warmer weather to give that a try.

There are no prices on anything which is a bit naughty really, the coffee was £1.95 which is a good price in my humble opinion but the brownie was £3.95, and not worth it, tasted no better than those you get from supermarkets in packs for a little more than £1.00.

I will be having coffee from there again, unlikely to have any type of cake though, unless they have cheaper options or I’m visiting with Kerry of course.


Rapha re-visited – Brewer Street


I have been in the re-vamped Rapha but didn’t bother to update the blog as wasn’t much of a change really, but this time it felt like there had been a definite shift so need to tell you all about it. Another solo visit I am afraid as Kerry was otherwise engaged.

I was there quite early so not busy at all, which some people mind but I don’t at all. I was hoping to just have a coffee but my focus was drawn to the pastries on offer. I opted for a cappuccino (they don’t do decaf) and a brioche bun, £5.20 in total so still a tiddly bit expensive.WP_20160409_003

The coffee was really nice, much better than that previously encountered here, very smooth, not at all bitter. So much of an improvement that I will try to persuade Kerry to give it another visit when in the area.

Before I ordered I had to ask what the massive round thing covered in chocolate was, and then I had to buy on, it is a brioche InstagramCapture_0a3b8ae4-8e5f-4589-acde-b1215556272cbun with Nutella inside and chocolate outside, dipped in nuts…

You can see from the picture just how big it is. I had a knife but it was so soft it was no use so I just ate with my hands and got sticky. But I didn’t care as it was amazing! I love Nutella anyway, wrapping it in soft brioche just made it all the better.

I’d like to have another, and after leaving I thought my Sunday ride could be to Rapha for one – it would be good ride fuel I am sure.

Staff were friendly which is a major improvement on previous visits, smiling and chatty, not just wearing black and being aloof. I like the new layout, nice and open, obviously clean. Stools could be a little more comfortable, not made for loitering on for sure! That short visit has changed my impression on the whole brand really, I even looked at the clothing, carefully given the previously sticky fingers.

The Design Musuem


This was a solo mission as there was an exhibition of bikes at the museum I wanted to see that Kerry wasn’t too interested in. Before viewing that I thought it best to have a second breakfast. You can get to the restaurant without having to pay for attendance of the museum and I hope that continues after the museum moves later this year.

I had a decaf cappuccino and a raisin swirl , £4.75 in total. The pastry was amazing – so fresh and soft, and stickier than it looks in the picture. The coffee was very nearly too bitter, but not quite, it was hot though so enjoyed the view out to the Thames (and interesting as there was some filming being done on the path) whilst it cooled down.

The walk down Shad Thames to it is very nice too, an old cobbled street. Not sure what the new location is like, will have to wait and see. Hopefully the barrista will be going with them as he made a very good cup of coffee and was friendly – but not annoying.

If near Tower Bridge it is worth checking out. I hope to go back before the move, nice variety of food to try out, all made freshly on the premises.

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