Granier – Powis Street

WP_20160207_001 (2)I was walking through Woolwich not that long ago when I noticed a new cafe so I mentally noted that we needed to give it a try. And last week we got the chance. I did a little research after the visit and it turns out that Granier is a Spanish coffee, artisan and baked goods chain. This is the second in London and more are to follow.

Kerry had had a bacon roll a few minutes previously so didn’t want anything to eat ans opted for an Americano. I had a decaf latte and a bretzel – I had no idea what a bretzel was but I saw it and knew I had to try it WP_20160207_002 (2)immediately!

It is basically a chocolate pretzel with nuts on top, very sweet and simply put – amazing. It was the right size for a filling snack or an unhealthy breakfast, mine was the former, although I never need an excuse for a sweet treat. I love cake.

My latte was nice, looked a little too milky to begin with but it turned out to be pretty much right. It was on the borderline of being too bitter and needing sugar adding, but with the bretzel being very sweet that covered the sugar need.

Kerry’s Americano was nice, a little too full as she had asked for space to be left for more milk but they didn’t seem to understand and it was very full so it was sip then add milk, sip then add milk, until it was of the right consistency.

Very cool that the bakery is at the back so you can watch the various types of bread being made. The staff were friendly and the prices very reasonable (can’t remember exactly what they were but don’t remember being shocked!) It does seem rather strange that such a place has popped up in Woolwich as the shops around it are of the more, erm, scummy variety. But maybe this is the start of gentrification, fingers crossed.

And unlike our last coffee in Woolwich not a drug dealer in sight.

WP_20160207_003 (2)