Refectory – Southwark Cathedral

We’d been to Borough Market which is adjacent to the Cathedral and wanted a coffee and a sit down, had headed towards Monmouth Coffee but they were closed for refurbishment – another time for that one then.

Kerry had an Americano and I had a decaf latte and a honey and fruit flapjack. Can’t recall the exact total but it was no more than £8.


The latte was nice, smooth and creamy just as it looks in the picture. Kerry’s coffee was nice, she cannot remember the exact details – that day is mainly in her memory due to a burger she’d had at the market just previous.

The flapjack was okay, cherry and then standard dried fruit and a few seeds on top, probably a little bigger than in needed to be – not something I say about cakes.

The place is functional, clean and tidy, staff were friendly. We didn’t have time to look around the cathedral itself but plan to at some stage. Worth popping in if in that area and want to escape the crush of the market and relax.


Bettys Cafe Tea Rooms

Bettys is a legend in it’s own right and doesn’t really need us bigging it up any further, but we will anyway.


We had to queue for a while, we expected it so were not too bothered, probably 15 – 20 minutes, but whilst waiting we took it in turns to have a look in the shop which on it’s own is really good, very reasonable prices and great for presents for everyone.

A member of staff went down the queue to ascertain the party size, and as a 2 we got in a little quicker than those in front waiting for bigger tables, they are clearly know they will be busy and how to cope.

WP_20151218_011We ordered an afternoon tea and an Americano, the afternoon tea was 2 scones, cream and jam and a pot of tea, we decided one scone each would be more than enough for an afternoon snack. There was so much else I could have had, but it may have been the case of too much choice really! Total price was about £13.50 so similar to the amount we’d spend in London for 2 coffees and 2 cakes.

The scones were really nice – and very nicely presented – I had butter and jam as not a fan of cream whilst Kerry had the cream.

Kerry really enjoyed her Americano too, she does seem to have a harder time finding WP_20151218_010coffee she likes so that was another tick in the box.

I just had the standard breakfast tea, and from the pot I got 3 cups from it, so a bit of a bargain really. And as tea leaves it felt fun and posh to deal with.

The place itself is really nice, very clean and presented well, all staff were friendly and extremely helpful. Even the toilets were amazing – they had a small cell to put small kids in whilst using them, probably not an actual baby jail but made us smile.

The only slight downside (Kerry mentioned the tables being a bit close together but place is so busy that has to be expected really) was the amount of people using mobile phones, there were signs saying not to – yes I did to take 2 pictures, but I was quick and felt guilty – but several tables were ignoring it, and staff didn’t say anything.

We want to go again, a little far really but should we be close then it will be the first thing on the to do list.DSCN0372

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