Potbelly – Westfield Centre Stratford


Potbelly arrived at Westfield not too long ago (their first in the UK), we saw it was coming for a while and with it being new and seemingly different my interest was piqued straight away! A few weeks ago we were doing some Christmas shopping and needed to stop for some lunch and as our initial choice was heaving an d this is rather close to that we decided to give it a try.

The first impression was ‘posh Subway’ as it is mainly a sandwich shop. Much smaller menu than Subway, I am not a Subway customer but I have been in so know they have a large selection and that they all smell the same.

We stared at the menu for a while, being awkward I had a limited choice so opted for a roast beef on multigrain whilst Kerry had a tuna and sweetcorn with lettuce and cucumber with a little mayonnaise on white – the latter should have been a charged extra, but he let us have it for nothing.

I had the usual decaf latte and Kerry also WP_20151205_002 (2)went for the standard choice of an Americano.

My sandwich was nice, given that I opted for no kind of sauce it was a bit dry, just bread, beef and cheese so got to be a struggle by the end but it was my choice  of course. Kerry didn’t eat all of her sandwich as she didn’t feel 100% but she did enjoy what she ate.

The coffee’s were nice, nice good sized mugs, not too bitter, they are worth popping in for.

The restaurant was busy but clean, all staff we encountered where friendly enough too. We may go again if I am feeling a bit more adventurous or if I sneak in my own sauce! Kerry says if given the choice she would go for Subway though.


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