The Coffee Lounge – Woolwich Market

WP_20151115_006We’ve been meaning to try this place out for a while and it finally happened this weekend without being planned, which is often the best way to go I think, random coffee.

I had a medium decaf latte and a brownie whilst Kerry had a medium Americano and a flapjack. Total price was about £8.50 which seems fair, and a bargain looking at the size of both slices.WP_20151115_004

The latte was very nice, sugar added just to take edge off as it was a tad bitter – I could have drank without but sometimes it’s nice to be a little naughty. The brownie was nice, it wasn’t quite soft enough to be amazing but good enough.

Kerry’s Americano was nice, not amazing but good enough to go again. The flapjack wasn’t chewy enough, it was more like a large oaty biscuit.WP_20151115_005

The place itself is okay, clean enough and staff were professional if not particularly friendly. One slightly weird thing was the tables of young men, 3 separate tables with guys in their late teens / early 20s – few of them kept going and coming back, not saying they were involved in the drug trade but it is close to where others congregate.

I think we will go again, the food selection seemed good, if earlier it would be nice to try the breakfast pastries.


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