Don Arancini – Westfield Stratford

WP_20150830_002 (2)

This was a brunch / lunch visit so no cakes involved sadly, and Kerry wasn’t feeling well so only had a coffee whilst I had a latte and a Don Etna – chorizo, chilli, tomato and mozzarella in a kind of soft pastry. Kerry wasn’t overly keen on the coffee, feeling rough didn’t help but it was just a litter too bitter for her, and a cortado isn’t as forgiving as an Americano.

My latte was nice, not massive but I am getting more used to that happening! The Don Etna was amazing, and to be honest until I started to write this post I didn’t realise it has chilli in it (I’d taken a photo of the label so I remembered the name) and thought the heat was just from the chorizo.  WP_20150830_001 (2)

I would happily go again, they have other savoury delights as well as a huge range of sweet treats, might be more as a ‘to go’ as Kerry was less enamoured. The staff were really friendly and even though the seating area is shared with other food establishments it was clean and functional rather than attractive.