Notes – Canary Wharf Crossrail

WP_20150919_005 (2)

Although Crossrail may not be opening until 2018 the retail space WP_20150919_001above it is open already. There is a rather smart garden on the top floor, which was a tad chilly when we went but the coffee was tucked underneath and nice and cosy.

Kerry had a cortado and a croissant whilst I had a decaf latte and pain aux raisin. Total price was £10 which felt a little steep – the coffees were reasonable at £2.40 and £2.80 respectively making the pasties £5 between them.

They bring the coffee over to you and your number is marked on a bag of coffee, which is cool, even if our number was Kerry’s least favourite (not sure she noticed to be honest).

The coffees were not the biggest, but looked well presented – I am always impressed when mine comes in a glass. Mine tasted nice, it was strong but a little bitter so took the edge off with a little brown sugar. Kerry liked hers too, I thought she wouldn’t but was pleasantly surprised when she said it was nice – I thought it might be a bit too posh / Rapha-like for her.WP_20150919_003

We both liked the pastries, baked on-site and clearly very fresh. Could have eaten several pain aux raisin, not sticky or sickly sweet, just ace.

It was a little cramped and although not full it didn’t feel that you could sit and relax for too long in case others wanted the table. Kerry would have liked a toilet there too, there are some quite close by but easier if nearer the coffee! Being a dinosaur geek Kerry also liked that they had Jurassic Park playing – so she had a goofy grin on her face most of the time.

I think we’ll be going back as we both like Canary Wharf and Crossrail will get us to / from the coffee rather quickly.


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