Craft – o2

WP_20150912_046 (2)

After an adventurous walk up and over the dome (brilliant, try it if you get the chance) we wanted a recovery coffee and rather than the Starbucks or Costa close by we wandered over to Craft. It is a restaurant / bar as well as a purveyor of coffee but we only wanted to indulge in the latter.WP_20150912_045

Kerry had an Americano and I ad a latte, and we decided to share a WP_20150912_043 (2)brownie as we wanted to leave space for pizza later on. The other food available looked equally tempting, all hand made, probably on site too. My latte was really nice, strong but smooth, a little sugar just to make it go down easier – a little too easy as it didn’t last long.

Kerry didn’t enjoy the Americano too much, her exact words were “like Rapha” which is her code for too bitter and will not be having again. She powered through though as she’d rather have horrible coffee than no coffee at all.

WP_20150912_044 (2)The brownie was nice, it had a defined crunch to the top and a soft inner, not quite soft and chewy enough, but filled the gap.

Staff were friendly and the place was tidy and sparse but cool. Given the opinion on the coffee I can;t see Kerry wanting to visit again but it wasn’t a bad experience, for one thing you can sit and watch people walking over the dome and the myriad of people pass who are there for various reasons.


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