Bon Voyage Cafe and Deli – Blackfriars Station


We were walking down the south bank and were semi looking for somewhere to have a drink, we know there are loads of places to try but I had forgotten about this one. It’s a fairly new place and perfectly positioned for using the station, which we weren’t but it was on the path so why not?!

Kerry had an Americano and a croissant, I had a latte and a pai au chocolat – they have an offer where you get either of those for jut 50p, and as neither of us really knew what we wanted to eat the bargain made the choice for us. Only then did Kerry realise they have cortado on the menu, which so few places do but by then it was too late.

WP_20150818_081I really enjoyed my coffee, I’d gone for a medium and it was a good size. Nice and smooth, not overly hot so I could actually drink it right away.

The pain au chocolat was nice too, not much that can go wrong with one of those as long as it was baked that day. Looked like they are baked on site too which is always a bonus in my book.

Kerry’s coffee was really nice, and she was very happy at getting the croissant for a bargain price too, and she said the same as me that is tasted freshly made, more so than some she’s had for breakfast (it was 3 when we got there) in other places.

We liked the place too, it’s not really made for sitting in although there are a stools and tables there which we took advantage of, but the whole area was clean – given it’s at the entrance to a train station that was excellent.

The staff were friendly and the service was quick too. If we were passing that way again and wanted a take away I am sure we would pop in again. And especially if we were catching a train from there.


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