Twenty East – Olympic Park


Second visit, this time without proposing, and not so great sadly. I had a decaf cappuccino and a oat and chocolate cookie and Kerry had an Americano and a sticky toffee pudding. Getting Kerry’s food was a struggle, took the serving girl 3 attempts to get it wrong until we stood and pointed to what we wanted (everything was clearly labelled so not sure how she struggled), had to question the cookie too but that was more due to me than them.

The coffee’s were really nice just not big enough, we know for future visits to go large then. The cookie was very nice, soft and chewy rather than a crunchy biscuit. The sticky toffee pudding was nice, although Kerry would rather it had been warm and maybe had a small amount of cream or ice cream with it as it was a little dry. So much so she only ate half and the other half is sat in our kitchen awaiting heating and eating.

We will go again as in that area there aren’t too many non chains, we will just be far more direct with out orders, and will hopefully get to go up onto the roof terrace too.


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