Caffe Paradiso – Shad Thames

Sadly this was another Kerry-less trip as she was feeling unwell so I went out of the way to let her rest. I was aiming to walk from Tower Bridge along the South Bank and stop somewhere for a drink, I was thinking Tate Modern for their excellent view, but when I got to Thames path level I looked to my left and thought it looked interesting…

The area is called Shad Thames and is very attractive, obviously old but useful and not just sealed in aspic for longevity. There are a few places to eat and drink but I opted for this one as it looked quite interesting from the outside.

I had a decaf cappuccino and a nero e blanco Viennese biscuit. I could have sat in but it was such a lovely day I took away and went to sit near the river, you can access the river pretty much opposite their door, it’s a bit more secluded than some of the Thames Path too. But I sat near City hall as like the view across to the Tower of London.

The coffee was very nice, not had a cappuccino for a long time, just decided to change things up a bit, less milk and more foam, so slightly better for me I think – could be wrong of course. Will be having those elsewhere when I remember. The Viennese biscuit was lovely, black and white as the name suggests, with a tiny layer of chocolate joining them together and one end dipped in chocolate. The biscuit crumbled in my mouth and was gone very quickly making me sad and wanting another.

Staff were friendly for the short time I was there, the loyalty card is a bit tight – 10 drinks before getting a free one, good if ou work close by but there are too many other places I need to try so 10 is going to be a struggle. The selection of food was awesome too, will definitely be returning with Kerry to try a few more of their offerings. And I will include pictures, everything was a blur of biscuits and sunshine this visit!


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