Terrace Restaurant – ZSL London Zoo

Not a cafe / restaurant you can visit randomly, unless you want to pay entry to the zoo, but if at the zoo already you need to know what to expect when wanting cake and coffee.

I had a packet of weird flavour crisps – cheese, onion and leek – a decaf latte and a lemon and poppyseed muffin whilst Kerry had an Americano, a chelsea bun and a pot of grapes. Total price was £8.30, which is a bargain, but looking at the receipt now I wasn’t charged for my coffee or the grapes and the chelsea bun was put through as a muffin. So should have been about £13.00, which isn;t a bad price, especially for a place where you have no alternatives.


The coffee was do it yourself so I didn’t expect decaf but as you can see the selection was pretty good. Even though it says white coffee it was more of an Americano. I was really impressed with the quality of the coffee, added a little brown sugar and it went down very smoothly indeed. Kerry’s coffee was nice – she put is as “not amazing, not horrible, just nice”, she chose to have hers in a cool mug, I opted for paper cup as thought I’d have to take it with me – it didn’t last that long though.


The chelsea but was a little dry but well flavoured and a decent size. The grapes lasted a while, more of a gazing thing than anything. The weird crisps were nice, if a little whiffy! The lemon and poppyseed muffin was really nice, I ate it upside down to leave the crunchy top until last, not realising that would mean leaving the lemon curd inside until quite late too, when I found that I got very happy.

They even have a loyalty card, 4 drinks and the 5th is free, and can be over more than one visit of course. And if a member you get 10% off everything too. We will be going back as Kerry loves animals and I really like monkeys and have to be there to stop Kerry stealing lemurs.


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