Bon Voyage Cafe and Deli – Blackfriars Station


We were walking down the south bank and were semi looking for somewhere to have a drink, we know there are loads of places to try but I had forgotten about this one. It’s a fairly new place and perfectly positioned for using the station, which we weren’t but it was on the path so why not?!

Kerry had an Americano and a croissant, I had a latte and a pai au chocolat – they have an offer where you get either of those for jut 50p, and as neither of us really knew what we wanted to eat the bargain made the choice for us. Only then did Kerry realise they have cortado on the menu, which so few places do but by then it was too late.

WP_20150818_081I really enjoyed my coffee, I’d gone for a medium and it was a good size. Nice and smooth, not overly hot so I could actually drink it right away.

The pain au chocolat was nice too, not much that can go wrong with one of those as long as it was baked that day. Looked like they are baked on site too which is always a bonus in my book.

Kerry’s coffee was really nice, and she was very happy at getting the croissant for a bargain price too, and she said the same as me that is tasted freshly made, more so than some she’s had for breakfast (it was 3 when we got there) in other places.

We liked the place too, it’s not really made for sitting in although there are a stools and tables there which we took advantage of, but the whole area was clean – given it’s at the entrance to a train station that was excellent.

The staff were friendly and the service was quick too. If we were passing that way again and wanted a take away I am sure we would pop in again. And especially if we were catching a train from there.


Twenty East – Olympic Park


Second visit, this time without proposing, and not so great sadly. I had a decaf cappuccino and a oat and chocolate cookie and Kerry had an Americano and a sticky toffee pudding. Getting Kerry’s food was a struggle, took the serving girl 3 attempts to get it wrong until we stood and pointed to what we wanted (everything was clearly labelled so not sure how she struggled), had to question the cookie too but that was more due to me than them.

The coffee’s were really nice just not big enough, we know for future visits to go large then. The cookie was very nice, soft and chewy rather than a crunchy biscuit. The sticky toffee pudding was nice, although Kerry would rather it had been warm and maybe had a small amount of cream or ice cream with it as it was a little dry. So much so she only ate half and the other half is sat in our kitchen awaiting heating and eating.

We will go again as in that area there aren’t too many non chains, we will just be far more direct with out orders, and will hopefully get to go up onto the roof terrace too.

Caffe Paradiso – Shad Thames

Sadly this was another Kerry-less trip as she was feeling unwell so I went out of the way to let her rest. I was aiming to walk from Tower Bridge along the South Bank and stop somewhere for a drink, I was thinking Tate Modern for their excellent view, but when I got to Thames path level I looked to my left and thought it looked interesting…

The area is called Shad Thames and is very attractive, obviously old but useful and not just sealed in aspic for longevity. There are a few places to eat and drink but I opted for this one as it looked quite interesting from the outside.

I had a decaf cappuccino and a nero e blanco Viennese biscuit. I could have sat in but it was such a lovely day I took away and went to sit near the river, you can access the river pretty much opposite their door, it’s a bit more secluded than some of the Thames Path too. But I sat near City hall as like the view across to the Tower of London.

The coffee was very nice, not had a cappuccino for a long time, just decided to change things up a bit, less milk and more foam, so slightly better for me I think – could be wrong of course. Will be having those elsewhere when I remember. The Viennese biscuit was lovely, black and white as the name suggests, with a tiny layer of chocolate joining them together and one end dipped in chocolate. The biscuit crumbled in my mouth and was gone very quickly making me sad and wanting another.

Staff were friendly for the short time I was there, the loyalty card is a bit tight – 10 drinks before getting a free one, good if ou work close by but there are too many other places I need to try so 10 is going to be a struggle. The selection of food was awesome too, will definitely be returning with Kerry to try a few more of their offerings. And I will include pictures, everything was a blur of biscuits and sunshine this visit!

Terrace Restaurant – ZSL London Zoo

Not a cafe / restaurant you can visit randomly, unless you want to pay entry to the zoo, but if at the zoo already you need to know what to expect when wanting cake and coffee.

I had a packet of weird flavour crisps – cheese, onion and leek – a decaf latte and a lemon and poppyseed muffin whilst Kerry had an Americano, a chelsea bun and a pot of grapes. Total price was £8.30, which is a bargain, but looking at the receipt now I wasn’t charged for my coffee or the grapes and the chelsea bun was put through as a muffin. So should have been about £13.00, which isn;t a bad price, especially for a place where you have no alternatives.


The coffee was do it yourself so I didn’t expect decaf but as you can see the selection was pretty good. Even though it says white coffee it was more of an Americano. I was really impressed with the quality of the coffee, added a little brown sugar and it went down very smoothly indeed. Kerry’s coffee was nice – she put is as “not amazing, not horrible, just nice”, she chose to have hers in a cool mug, I opted for paper cup as thought I’d have to take it with me – it didn’t last that long though.


The chelsea but was a little dry but well flavoured and a decent size. The grapes lasted a while, more of a gazing thing than anything. The weird crisps were nice, if a little whiffy! The lemon and poppyseed muffin was really nice, I ate it upside down to leave the crunchy top until last, not realising that would mean leaving the lemon curd inside until quite late too, when I found that I got very happy.

They even have a loyalty card, 4 drinks and the 5th is free, and can be over more than one visit of course. And if a member you get 10% off everything too. We will be going back as Kerry loves animals and I really like monkeys and have to be there to stop Kerry stealing lemurs.

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