Nude Espresso – Soho Square

WP_20150626_005I was wandering around central London on my own and wanted a coffee – really the only time I don’t want a coffee is when I currently have one in my hand – and was avoiding the main thorough-fairs and obviously the big coffee chains. I wasn’t really concentrating when heading through Soho Square but in the corner of my eye I notice this place tucked to one side so headed towards it to have a look.

Glad I did, I had a latte, not cheap but rather scrumptious. I fancied a croissant (it was quite early in the morning) but none were available, the food selection seemed a bit high brow for me so I had my coffee to go and went. It was very smooth, not boiling hot and sadly not massive, could have easily drunk 3 of them and then felt satisfied.

On a side note I nipped into a supermarket around the corner and they had no croissants or any description either, maybe some kind of shortage!