Sacred Café – Ganton Street

This is just off Carnaby Street and weather was a little inclement, but for that it wasn’t chock full and we got a seat inside but with good view outside. The ‘we’ being myself and Alice (niece) as Kerry has been unable to attend coffee far from home for a little while.

Alice had some kind of posh warm sandwich and a latte and I had a cheese, ham and tomato toastie and a decaf latte. Reasonable prices, about £13 all told. Service was a little lacklustre and not with a smile. The food came before the drinks and in total took four trips, sure anyone can carry two drinks at the same time?

We both found the food to be disappointing, mine in particular looked like it had been built by those at Kookies and Kream – it was that ‘basic’, and for a toastie rather lukewarm too. We did both like the coffee though and thought the cake selection looked nice soif there was a next time we would be less savoury and try those next time instead.

The location is quite handy, not far from the main shops, and good for people watching. It was clean and has a good sized basement area with comfy looking seats. Not sure I would bother to try again as there are many more places to go but there may be reason to go in the future, I’d just be more choosy on the food and more proactive on requesting my drink arrives quicker.


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