The Place to Eat – John Lewis (Westfield Stratford)

Had a mini shopping trip to the Westfield and had to stop for a coffee of course. We chose John Lewis because I have a loyalty card and they send ‘free coffee and cake’ vouchers at seemingly random times so the decision was made for us. I had a decaf latte and a slice of spring bunny cake whilst Kerry had a flat white and a scone with jam and cream.

The latte was nice, no sugar needed, maybe a touch too much froth but still manageable. The cake was lovely – yes there was a hair on it but I wouldn’t let that put me off cake – the sponge was moist and definitely fresh, loads of frosting too, I love icing / frosting and so the more the better. The chocolate rabbit didn’t really taste of anything as I’d eaten 90% of the icing and that taste took over from everything.

WP_20150501_006 (1)

Kerry’s coffee was okay, had the taste she isn’t that keen on (although she isn’t 100% sure what that taste is so difficult to avoid) but she really enjoyed the scone. It was a bit well done for her liking, had to carefully remove a lot of the edge, but the inside was really though, topped with strawberry jam and cream (and butter!)

The place is massive, obviously gets very busy at times, we were there on a Friday afternoon so it wasn’t busy at all, we sat near the windows which don’t give a good view but are at least better than staring at a blank wall. Staff were attentive and friendly, place was clean – as would be expected really.


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