Koffees & Kream – Calderwood Street

WP_20150504_026We’d passed this place a few times on the bus and so had added to our ‘to do’ list, and now we have done it we don’t have to do it again.

I had a decaf latte and a slice of chocolate cake – the selection of cakes was lacking – whilst Kerry had a flat white and a cheeseburger with chips. The menu did have quite a lot of variety. My coffee wasWP_20150504_019 okay, a little too milky but drinkable. The chocolate cake was nice, it didn’t taste very homemade, and looking at the picture it does look a bit too tidy! I love frosting through so it kept me happy for a while.

Kerry’s coffee was okay, nothing special but at least not too bitter this time around. When her burger arrived I was shocked, it did look homemade, by that I mean I could have gone to a supermarket and bought the ingredients for 8 of them for about £2 – processed cheese slice, basic burger, and basic bun. The chips were equally basic, not very warm either, maybe needed 5 minutes more cooking, then putting in a bin with the burger.

The decor is interesting, but felt forced, the chalk board effect wall was odd, could have been cool without the massive keyhole image – which has a toilet included but ends up looking a bit naff. The dripping tap light fitting as different and a bit of fun, the less said about the wallpaper behind it the better.


Suffice to say we wont be going back, not often (never) do I not take up the option of a loyalty card but there was no point in this case. The best way to sum it up is to loo at the first picture, the sign looks quite cool, but it’s had a vinyl addition that is usually used by a certain type of establishment – whether this was through new ownership or to aim at the locals who are more processed chicken and chips than latte and a pain au choclat I do not not know, or care.


BHS Cafe – Oxford Street

WP_20150504_006I didn’t really expect to write about a quick trip to BHS I had on my own but I just had too. I think it is a concession rather than a cafe actually run by BHS, and all the better for it.

My actual aim was to go to Benugo, but they deem opening on a bank holidayWP_20150504_005 below them it seems and this was the first non Pret / Eat / Costa / Starbucks I saw so I went in to give it a try. I had a decaf latte and some fruit toast, only £3.95 in total, plus they had a free muffin offer on, so an even bigger bargain.

The fruit toast was nice, a little plain but nice enough. The coffee was very nice, strong but not bitter, not velvet smooth but a good early morning kick. The muffin I took with me to eat later as it was still early and I am not a total pig! I had a raspberry and white chocolate one, should have cost £1.95, and was nice, all the fruit and chocolate was towards the top of the cake but that was fine as I tend to eat them from the bottom up anyway.

Staff were really nice, place was clean, bright and spacious and they have a loyalty card which gets you 10% off each purchase there – something I will use with Kerry at some stage in the future as I think she will like it too.

The Place to Eat – John Lewis (Westfield Stratford)

Had a mini shopping trip to the Westfield and had to stop for a coffee of course. We chose John Lewis because I have a loyalty card and they send ‘free coffee and cake’ vouchers at seemingly random times so the decision was made for us. I had a decaf latte and a slice of spring bunny cake whilst Kerry had a flat white and a scone with jam and cream.

The latte was nice, no sugar needed, maybe a touch too much froth but still manageable. The cake was lovely – yes there was a hair on it but I wouldn’t let that put me off cake – the sponge was moist and definitely fresh, loads of frosting too, I love icing / frosting and so the more the better. The chocolate rabbit didn’t really taste of anything as I’d eaten 90% of the icing and that taste took over from everything.

WP_20150501_006 (1)

Kerry’s coffee was okay, had the taste she isn’t that keen on (although she isn’t 100% sure what that taste is so difficult to avoid) but she really enjoyed the scone. It was a bit well done for her liking, had to carefully remove a lot of the edge, but the inside was really though, topped with strawberry jam and cream (and butter!)

The place is massive, obviously gets very busy at times, we were there on a Friday afternoon so it wasn’t busy at all, we sat near the windows which don’t give a good view but are at least better than staring at a blank wall. Staff were attentive and friendly, place was clean – as would be expected really.

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