Cornerstone Cafe – Major Draper Street

WP_20150412_014I stumbled across this place whilst walking to the Woolwich Arsenal DLR station a week or so again and so took a note to add to the ‘to visit’ list and the opportunity arose today. It is a little hidden away but well worth finding, close to the Firepower Museum and roughly 5 minutes from the DLR station.

WP_20150412_008Kerry went for a machiatto and a bacon roll whilst I had a decaf skinny latte and a croque Monsieur. The drinks arrived quickly and Kerry didn’t really enjoy the machiatto, said it tasted a bit ‘uergh’, from which I gather it was the bitterness that was the issue, and then when diluted with milk it got cold too quickly. Her bacon roll was nice, the bacon was a little fatty (her personal choice is no fat) and says the roll was a little big for the amount of bacon provided.

My latte was lovely, nice big cup, not too much foam, perfect strength – no issues with it at all. The croque Monsieur was nice, the ham was a little dull, could have been made a bit more interesting with a little chorizo or something similar.

As Kerry didn’t enjoy her coffee and it hadn’t lasted long she went for and got an Americano,  and I twisted her arm to get a brownie to share too. The Americano was better, still not amazing (nothing can match Costa in her estimation!) and the brownie was lovely, soft but not gooey.

The place itself is very cool, clean and fresh feeling, minimal decoration, friendly and attentive staff. I would happily go again, and as Woolwich hasn’t got a massive selection of such places I hope I can get Kerry to visit again soon too.



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