Maison Bertaux – Greek Street

WP_20150402_008It isn’t often you have to eat cake with a knife. This trip with Alice changed that a little bit though, we both had a latte and after a lot of deliberation and asking “what’s that” I opted for an almond slice and Alice had a baked cheesecake. We were offered a seat upstairs by a nice man who was about to leave.


The latte was so smooth and just amazing, best I have had in a very long time. No fancy designs on the top and not served in little glasses, just a cup of sunshine to warm the soul.

And now to the cakes! Neither of us knew what to expect but were still surprised, Alice’s looked very little like cheesecake but she enjoyed it still, it had raisins in which seemed a little odd for a cheesecake. Looking at my choice in the window I expected it to be quite soft, but in fact it was pretty solid all the way through, again it had raisins in and it tasted like eccles cake, which I love, but hadn’t ordered. Had to use knife to cut it into manageable bits, but the top was very flaky so quite a lot went across the table too. it was nice but not sure I’d have it again as so much choice there that others have to be attempted to see if they are quite so unexpected.


The place itself was not as I expected, from the outside it looks cWP_20150402_006hic and French, and there are hints of that inside, but it is more shabby chic, and had art on the walls by the accepted weirdo Noel Fielding. Those pictures wont be there forever and maybe next time there will be a French theme, I doubt it though, and all the better for it. The pastries are French enough really, and there is an accordion on the ground floor, if they want slightly off centre art on the walls then so be it. I WP_20150402_007want to go again, possibly for breakfast as the croissants looked amazing and huge too. Staff just left us to it, after ordering the drinks and food arrived quickly, place was clean and although quite tight for space any fewer tables and it would be an annoying wait most of the time I think.

I expected it to be like White Rabbit in Nottingham, but it is pretty much the exact opposite, but not to the detriment of either.


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