Tap Coffee – Tottenham Court Road


Since visiting the Rathbone Place coffee shop I have wanted to visit another of the Tap’s soWP_20150328_027 we ventured down Tottenham Court Road to find one of the others. Found it just as there was a few spots of rain. Looks just like the others – so  no sign outside but I knew what to look for this time.

I had a decaf latte and an almond and walnut florentine whilst Kerry had a flat white and nothing to eat – as much because the options were maybe on the posh side as her not being too hungry.

My latte was really nice, very smooth with a little kick at the end of each sip, not the biggest but didn’t expect it to be. And size isn’t important when the coffee is that good. Kerry didn’t enjoy her coffee at all unfortunately as it was far too bitter for her. I tried it and even with her added sugar it tasted very bitter to me too. But the milk came in a cool bottle!


The florentine was really good, I’ve never had one before but as I am now developing a taste for nuts I had to try. Would gladly have another of those. They don’t look the prettiest though!WP_20150328_024

The place was big enough, staff were friendly and service very quick, always nice to have coffee delivered to the table, we’re just a bit lazy!Picked up a loyalty card (Alice too the one from last visit) so got my own little men sitting on the bike. I’d go again but would either have to be with Alice or I’d have to get a take out so Kerry could get coffee elsewhere or she’d have to have a non-coffee based drink.WP_20150328_025


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