Café W – Piccadilly (Waterstones)

WP_20150307_005 1

First things first – take a moment and just look at that cake selection, I make it that there were 14 different sweet treats to try!

This is a cafe inside Waterstones, at the back above the stationery section on what is really a mezzanine. It’s a really small counter area, 1 guy with 1 coffee machine, so the selection of cakes is just superb. It was a tricky choice but I opted for a a slice of blackberry frangipane with a decaf latte whilst Kerry just had an Americano as was full from previous eats that day. £8.35 was good really, especially seeing that my slice was £3.50, but a good size for that price.

The coffee was nice, quite bitter so had to sugar it but that isn’t a bad thing really. Not the biggest cup full though. The frangipane started nice, good sized portion and first bite had a nice sour tang from the blackberry but after that it just seemed a bit boring, like it needed a bit more fruit in really. It was still nice, just not as nice as I wanted it to be – especially give the others I could have chosen from.

Kerry’s coffee was really nice, it disappeared very quickly even though it was hot, sugar added as standard of course but with tongs which is very posh and I volunteered to help with that.WP_20150307_006 1

It was busy but we got a seat near the window easily enough, the barista was a nice guy but he could have done with an assistant to clear and wipe the tables really. Given my addiction to books and this being a massive one there is a good chance we will be visiting again to try some of the other cakes at some stage in the future.


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