The Cafe @ Kensginston Palace – Kensington Palace

WP_20150307_001 1

I was hoping we would go to a particular coffee purveyor today but we couldn’t find it and as we were to walk through Kensington Gardens and this place is there is seemed a no brainer really.

Reasonable selection of cakes, if a little unexciting, we both opted for scone, cream and jam, although I substituted butter for the cream. Kerry had an Americano and I had a decaf latte, total price was £11.80 which isn’t bad really, and cool that decaf is marked on the receipt with 0.00 – shouldn’t be punished not wanting to bounce off the walls.WP_20150307_002 1

The latte was a decent size and was nice and smooth, nothing massively exciting but nice enough. The scone was nice, all looked just different enough to have not come from a mass producer, my only issue was getting the butter to attach to the scone, knives were wooden which didn’t help and butter is harder than cream of course, just about got there in the end!

Kerry thought the scone was really nice, easy to chew, massive amount of cream which she didn’t manage to finish and I helped with the cutting due to the wooden knife. Her coffee was a bit small but tasted nice, sadly it went cold a bit quick, not due to me adding too much milk as I am well trained by now.

The cafe was bright and airy, we sat inside but there is a nice outdoor area too. Staff were friendly and were keeping the place clean and tidy.They even have a loyalty card, of which we are collecting far too many that we may never fill. We like to walk through the park so I expect us to visit again in the future.


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